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A&R Coordinator at Universal Music Taiwan

Joining EGGO Music Production & Sound at age 17 after Adia and KYB, he is literally the most experienced “big brother” despite his young age. He has mastered the genres of Folk, Rock, Acoustic, Ballad, and Dance. He has worked on albums by A-Mei Chang, Jane Zhang, Della, Rachel Liang, Elva Hsiao, Da Mouth, One Two Free, Nana Lee, Jam Hsiao, Landy Wen, KatnCandix2, etc.



Jane Zhang

Production and Arrangement: “I Don’t Want to Pray”

Arrangement: “Chasing Love”

Arrangement: “Aboard”

Arrangement: “I Don’t Care”

Arrangement: “Beauty and Bravery”

Arrangement: “Courageous Love”

Arrangement: “Just Love”

Arrangement: “I Believe”

Arrangement: “We All Live Up to Love”

Arrangement: “If This Is Love”

One Two Free

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Happy MaMa”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Si Ding Le”

Production and Arrangement: “Bollywood”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: Da Diang Yin”

Production and Arrangement: “Huan Ying Guan Lin”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Bian Shen”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Jiu Jiu Huo”

Production and Composition: “Shang Kong He Ma”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Xiang Song”

Production and Arrangement: “Wo Xi Gui”

Production and Arrangement: “Tou Xin Bing Gan”

Production and Arrangement: “Hao Ren”

Production and Arrangement: “Pang Zi”

Production and Arrangement: “Pei Gen Qi Si Dan”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “I Want GU”


Production and Arrangement: “Fa Fa Fa”

Production and Arrangement: “Mama De Tsai”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Tao Jin Sui Yue”

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “La Ba Suo”

Production and Arrangement: “Wan Wan Ren Mi”

Production and Arrangement: “San Ba Xiong Di”


Production and Arrangement: “Natural High”

Production and Arrangement: “Lessons from Time”

Production and Arrangement: “Qian Nian Zhi Lian”

Arrangement: “Naïve Woman”

Rene Liu

Production and Arrangement: “Have You Ever Been in Love”

Fish Leong

Arrangement: “If I Can”

Daniel Chen

Production and Arrangement: “Where Does Courage Come from”

Arrangement: “Wife, hurry out to see God with Bull Demon King”

Arrangement: “c8c8”

Nana Lee

Production and Arrangement: “Ai Ah!”

Production and Arrangement: “Xie Xie Ni”

Arrangement: “Zui Ai De Ren”

Arrangement: “Xin Hua Kai”

Arrangement: “Mei Li De Yi Wai”

Eric Chou

Production and Arrangement: “No One Like You”

Genie Zhuo

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Zhen”

Arrangement: “Xiao Xin Dian”

Da Mouth

Production, Arrangement and Composition: “Mu Mu Xin”


Arrangement: “Amit (Ancient Medley)”

A-Mei Chang 

Arrangement: “Autosadism”

Arrangement: “Fly High”

Jolin Tsai

Arrangement: “Take Immediate Action”

Arrangement: “Slow Life”

Arrangement: “Hot Winter”


Coco Lee

Arrangement: “Can We”


Elva Hsiao

Arrangement: “Two-Faced Goddess”


Han Geng

Arrangement: “Profile”


Jam Hsiao

Arrangement: “Tale of the White Snake”


Arrangement: “Lin Shi Yan Yuan”

Rainie Yang

Arrangement: “Lovelution”

Arrangement: “Leaving the Zoo”

Arrangement: “Ten Thousand and One Kinds of Maybe”


Pan Chen

Arrangement: “Huan You Ni De Xin”


Rachel Liang

Producer  And  Arrangement: “Na Nu Hai Dui Wo Shuo” 

Arrangement: “Lover Confidant”

Arrangement: “Mint and Nails Clip”

Arrangement: “What Is Love”

Arrangement: “Why You’re So Happy”

Arrangement: “A Fish That Wants to Stray”

Arrangement: “Grow Up Slower”

Arrangement: “Oh Baby”

Arrangement: “I Will Definitely Love You”

Arrangement: “The Kid Within”

Arrangement: “Small Eyes and the Magnifying Glass”

Arrangement: “A Long Time After”

Arrangement: “Full”

Arrangement: “At the First Glance”


Liu Mei Lin

Arrangement: “Meng Xiang Kuo Yin Ji”

Arrangement; “Jin Zai Tien Bien”


Christine Fan

Arrangement: “Big Wind Blows”

Arrangement: “1 to 10 = Me and You”

Arrangement: “Thousand Years” (Jing Wen)


Claire Kuo

Arrangement: “Set My Life Free”

Arrangement: “Partners”

Arrangement: “Be OK”

Arrangement: “You Are My Mr. Right”

Arrangement: “The Way I Am”

Arrangement: “Hello DuDu”

Arrangement: “Originally”

Arrangement: “Be OK”

Arrangement: “Sorry to Say Goodbye”

Arrangement: “Come Along with Me”


Arrangement: “Xuan Zhuan Men”


Bea Hayden Kuo

Production and Arrangement: “The Most Romantic Thing”

Shiny Yao Yi Qing

Arrangement: “The Wall”

Alien Huang

Arrangement: “Point One Percent”

Arrangement: “All Around”


Hu Xia

Arrangement: “Black Frame Glasses”

Arrangement: “Little Baby”


Pets Tseng

Arrangement: “Just Lose It (Hurt So Much)”

Selina Jen

Arrangement: “Big Girl”

Fang Wu

Arrangement: “Bad Temper”

Arrangement: “If I Only Had You”

Arrangement: “Marathon Girl”

Tony Yang

Arrangement: “Kong Dang”

Landy Wen

Arrangement: “Shi Er Bu Jian”

Arrangement: “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

Cheney Chen

Arrangement: “Wuo Men Dou Yi Yiang”


Arrangement: “Good Day”

Arrangement: “Share with You”

Arrangement: “Born and Die”

Arrangement: “I Have My Own”

Arrangement: “WhyWhyWhy”

Arrangement: “Withered”

Arrangement: “Shall we HOPE”

Arrangement: “Polite Lie”

Ball Zhuang

Arrangement: “Let’s Go!”

Arrangement: “Switch Identity”

Arrangement: “It’s You, whom I Love”

Arrangement: “Right Here”

Arrangement: “ Is It Because I Am Not Good Enough”

Arrangement: “What I’m talking about is LOVE

Arrangement: “ Hi! I’m Ball”

Song Jiang

Arrangement: “I Am Not Afraid”

Arrangement: “Breeze at Night”

Dawen Wang

Producer  And  Arrangement:”Ren Zao Yi Shi”

Producer  And  Arrangement:”Wo De Xin Li Yi Sheng Shuo” 

Producer  And  Arrangement:”Loneliest When We’re Together”

Concert :

Music Director

Ball Zhuang – 2019 TICC Live House

Della – SUPER SLIPPA 2019 PART 10



I Am a Singer: Jane Zhang – “Legend of a Hungry Wolf” 

I Am a Singer: Jane Zhang – “Blame It on the Samba” 

I Am a Singer: Jane Zhang – “Let Life Be Beautiful Like Summer Flowers” 

I Am a Singer: Jane Zhang – “Shi Fou” 

King of Mask Singer: Della – “Qian Nian Zhi Lian” 

King of Mask Singer: Della – “Live for You” 

King of Mask Singer: Della – “Same Moonlight”

Movie Soundtrack

My Little Honey Moon

TV Soundtrack

Days We Stared at the Sun

Musical Theater

Winnie the Boob

Nominated for the 50th Golden Horse Awards – Best Original Film Song Award

(Forever Love – “Da Dian Ying” Lyrics: Adia Composition: Adia, Liao Wei Jie )

Nominated for the 46th Golden Bell Awards – Best Sound Award

(Days We Stared at the Sun)


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