Jay Dub

  • Arranger
  • Producer

Jay Dub (Jewell Fortenberry) is originally from Atlanta Georgia, and moved to Beijing China in 2009. Since then as pianist, producer and solo artist he has continued to impress audiences with his songwriting and performance versatility and has branched out into Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and Thailand as well. He has been featured as a guest performer for the National Black Arts festival and for the Atlanta Chapter of the National Recording Arts and Sciences, performing alongside such artists as Usher and Kenny Lattimore in honor of the late Ray Charles.

Jay Dub has served as Producer/Music Director on a number of projects, most notably for Chinese recording artist Tia Ray (袁娅维)and her first self titled studio album “Tia” under the Golden Typhoon record label, and also the follow up album “Tiara” on the Warner- Chappell Hong Kong record label. Tia and Jewell formed a music band called “Tha Knutz” that won the Red Bull up-and-coming band competition and was featured on BTV. Jay Dub has also served as a producer for Chinese rap artist Shuang Zi, Hong Kong recording artist Tien, Chinese rap artist J-Zen, Baltimore rap artist Halftime, and New York rap artist Heretic. He was a featured producer along with Chinese artist Kemin Zhang on a Buddhist Monk Chant album entitled “Planting a Seed”. He has also been a featured Music Producer for CCTV’s “VOICE of China” ,”X Factor”, and “Im A Singer”.

As an Emcee/Producer he released his first album entitled “The Meanz to the Endz” through his Hip-hop group “The Triadz”. Later he released an EP entitled “The Rich Dreamz EP” , and his first studio album entitled “One Step Closer” in 2014. He released a mix- tape titled “The Wait is Over” in 2015 and an EP titled “One Night Stand” in 2017. His recording duo “Jay Dub/Danimal” will release a full studio album in 2020.

As a keyboard player Jewell has served as a principal keyboardist for Hong Kong recording artist Khalil Fong (Soulboy ⽅方⼤大同 ) and his“Lights Out” World Tour, Chen Kun (陈坤) and his “The Way” Concert, Karen Mok (莫⽂文蔚) and her “Regardez tour”, UK Jazz recording artist Cecilia Stalin on her China tour, Chinese recording artist Lawrence Ku and his band “The Red Groove Project” as well as Chinese hiphop artist NaWu (那⽆无可热) , Chinese hiphop artist TizzyT (你的男孩 TT), Hong Kong recording artist Gin Lee(李幸倪),Taiwanese recording artist A-Lin(KR), and Taiwanese recording artist Ni Shunza (I7) and Tia Ray’s “Tiara” concert series. He also served as Music Director for Tia Ray’s “The Project 300” Concert Series sponsored by the Gold Typhoon record label. He also serves as Music Director and songwriter for his own Rock-Hop band “Jay Crew” that has been featured internationally in music festivals as well.


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