Duzs Chen

  • Composer
  • Lyricist

Born in Taipei 1986, Duzs’ favorite pastime as a child was to dance (not so well) to the Dance Dance Revolution. He was inspired musically by AQUA. In sixth grade, he listened nonstop to Euro. When he went to middle school, his favorite band became The Cranberries. By the time Duzs reached high school, he listened to heavy metal until his ears bled. After graduating from high school, he fell in love with trance and began writing his own songs. Duzs is an expert on numerous genres, such as EDM, rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz and funk. He is always experimenting with various fusions to invent his uniqueness in style.



Juzzy Orange – Orange City (Golden Melody Awards Best Hip-Hop Artist Nominee)

Juzzy Orange – Orange City (4th Golden Indie Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Album Nominee)

ShiShr – ShiShr Hao Hun (7th Golden Indie Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Single Nominee)


Juzzy Orange – Listening Vibe (2th Golden Indie Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Single and Best Hip-Hop Album Nominee)


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