• Composer
  • Lyricist

As a musician and beatmaker of a new generation, Shawn’s reputation quickly rose from the indie music scene. He has collaborated with many up-and-coming hip-hop artists. In 2019, he officially became the new blood of Eggo Music Production and Sound, and is also a member of the new label under X Entertainment, Forbidden Paradise.



J.Sheon – Feeling Good (Ft. BCW) (arranger)

BOXING Kasiwa x BCW – Are We There Yet? (arranger)

Savage M – After Party (producer / composer / arranger)

Savage M – KTOWN 2.0 (producer / composer / arranger / mixing & recording engineer)

Savage M – PARTY IN THE ISLAND (producer / composer / arranger)

Savage M – Enjoy The Night (producer / composer / arranger)

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