X Entertainment

X Entertainment is a team led by Adia and Daniel Bi (KYB), with music as its core, flourishing into a multidimensional enterprise that covers music production, music publishing, artist management, cinematography, and concert production. The company is comprised of two labels that facilitate direct collaboration between music production and artist management:

X Entertainment is the label responsible for artist management. Not only have we signed multiple recording artists including Da Mouth, One Two Free,Shiny Yao, J.Sheon, etc., but we also aim to develop the global market for Taiwanese pop music through both digital marketing and concert production.

EGGO Music Production & Sound is the label for systematically combining the operation of music production, music promotion, and music publishing with over 20 in-house producers and arrangers. By building on the reputation of our talented roster through music and concert production projects, we have become a unique and outstanding brand in Taiwan’s music industry.