Holly Lou

  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Producer

Holly Lou, a singer-songwriter from Tainan, built her musical foundation upon classical music through learning to play the violin and the piano in her younger years, then later decided to devote herself to the music scene after college as she is capable of songwriting, singing and arranging music. She has collaborated with artists such as Lara Liang, Momo Wu and Niko Sun on arrangement and backup vocals. In 2017, she debuted with her single “The Mathematician’s Romance”, displaying her skills in both songwriting as well as music arrangement. In 2018, her song “Love Yourself” has earned praise after it became the theme song for TV / Netflix show “A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities”. Her writing styles include ballads, rock and electronic pop music. She currently resides in Taipei and continues to write music.




J.Sheon -” Off You Go” (Feat. Eve Ai & Morrison Ma) | Producer/Song

Jiayin Lin – “Not Afraid” | Producer/Arrangement/Song/Backing Vocals

Moana Guo – “Xiang dao ni de ke ai” | Vocal Producer/Arrangement/Backing Vocals

Morrison Ma – “I Still Think About It” | Vocal Producer

RuoFan – “The Song to You” | Song/Lyrics

Nine Chen – “Never Again” ( Feat. WeiBird) | Lyrics

GAWii – “Hit On You” | Backing Vocals

Ella Chen – “Stop Nagging” |  Backing Vocals

Rachel Zhang – “Outside” | Backing Vocals

The interlude of Taiwan Movie “Deus Ex Baryon” | Singer


2018      “Love Yourself” became the theme song for TV / Netflix show “A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities” (singer / song / lyrics / arrangement)

2018      “Make Me Listen” made it into TV / Netflix show “A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities” soundtrack (singer / song / lyrics / arrangement)

2017      “Bravely Marching Forward” (singer /song / lyrics / arrangement)

2017      “Three Days Three Nights” was released through KKBOX Reworks (singer / arrangement)

2017      Asia’s Top 4 in Michael Bolton’s show “Bolt of Talent”

2017      “The Mathematician’s Romance” was released (singer / song / lyrics / arrangement)

2016      Cindy Yen Legacy Voice Up concert “Jump In” (arrangement)

2016      Lara Liang Legacy Voice Up concert backup vocals singer

2016      Momo Wu “The Perfect You” backup vocals

2016      Niko Sun “What Are You Hesitating” (arrangement)

2016      XL Group “Self-Directed Act” (arrangement)

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