Sandy Yang

  • Composer
  • Lyricist

As a singer-songwriter who plays the guitar, Sandy Yang began writing music at a young age as well as being the lead singer in her band in high school, and later released her own EP “Dreamwalker”. She’s performed on small stages at various events or venues such as the Hohaiyan Rock Festival and Riverside and is the runner-up in the student division for the “You Rock” indie band competition. She has sung harmonies behind numerous artists like Roger Pei-An Yang, Wen-Ying Liang, Amber An, Hope Yang and Cyndi Wang on TTV’s Super Star show. Additionally, she was invited to sing on Star Chinese Channel’s “Carpool Karaoke” as a guest. She’s also had plenty of experience judging for singing competitions on university campuses. Focusing her music on Western rock and pop styles, she became member of Eggo Music Production and Sound in 2018.

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