Rachel Chen

  • Lyricist

As an all-round wordsmith, Rachel has had many years of professional editing and creative writing experience under her belt. She debuted as a lyricist with the single Mathematician’s Romance. With expertise in various styles and genres, her most distinguished lyrical works include Sammy Chang’s Loneliness as well as Amber An’s Chao Nu Li. She officially joined EGGO Music Production in 2020.


2020  Amber An – Chao Nu Li


Babyrose Lin – Bu Pa Wei Xian

Sammy Chang – Loneliness

Sammy Chang – Treat Me Right (cowrite)

Sammy Chang ft. Shou Lou – Wings (cowrite)

Stephen Rong & Holly Lou – Summer


Jiro Wang – Flowery Song (theme song for Phantom in the Twilight, cover lyrics)

Jiro Wang ft. May’n – Fairy Lover (ending credits song for Phantom in the Twilight, cover lyrics)

Tor Saksit feat. Rose Liu – Falling Into You (cover lyrics)

Kevin Liao – Slow Motion (cowrite)



Holly Lou – Mathematician’s Romance

MC Han & Ariel Tsai – You You You (cowrite)



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