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In 2000, Daniel K.Y.Bi joined Enjoy Music, a music label founded by producers Eric Chen and Huang Yi.  Recognizing Daniel’s talents, the two producers gave Daniel his first opportunity as a producer to write and produce the song, “I am the Craziest” by B.A.D.  In 2006, Daniel started the production company, EGGO, with Adia and produced the song “Then What” on Da Mouth’s debut album under the name, KYB.  The artists that KYB has worked with include Show Lo,Elva Hsiao,Wilber Pan,Van Ness Wu,Han Geng,Da Mouth,Magic Power,Della Din,Amber An,Lollipop F,Cyndi Wang,Eric Chou,BAD,Energy,Y2J,Rachel Liang,5566,Monkey Insane…etc


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