• Arranger
  • Composer
  • Producer

Aha0 joined Eggo Music Production and Sound in 2017, with talents in dance and rock music.  

aHa0  production discography




‎Dylan Xiong – “Shi Liu Qun” (Arrangement)

Morrison Ma – “I Still Think About It” (Arrangement)

Pets Tseng – “Nothing Can’t Love” (Arrangement)

Mirro – “Reelection” (Arrangement)

Show Lo – “Xing wu zhe” (Arrangement)

TitA – “Go” (Arrangement)

J.Sheon – “Soul Away” (Song)


Nine One One concert – Arrangement (Hip Hop Zhuang Jiao Love intro & Party & Foreigner & Dong Wei Tiao)

Jolin Tsai BAZAAR Stars’ Charity Night – Arrangement (Mashup & Mr. Q & The Great Artist solo)

Angela Chang concert – Arrangement (Won’t Listen & Band-Aid)

Zowie Lin – Find My Way (Production / Arrangement)

Zowie Lin – Xmas (Production / Arrangement)

Yin Yang Master mobile game – Yin Yang Master Shiki Gami “Yama Usagi (CV: Toyosaki Aki)” Theme Song “Moe Ha Seigi” – Arrangement

Butterfly – Album: Hei Hu Die – Confession Game – Arrangement

Butterfly – Album: Hei Hu Die – One Last Cry – Arrangement

NICKTHEREAL “So Handsome We Broke up” Party Tour – Executive coordinator  



Show Lo concert – Arrangement (Feel the Love & Bounce!)

Jeannie Hsieh concert – Arrangement (Pink Belt & Don’t Pick the Roadside Wildflowers & Green Apple Paradise & Party)

aMEI concert – Arrangement (Love High Heels)

Jolin Tsai Super Slipper concert – Arrangement (I Know You’re Feeling Blue)

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