Xie Da Xiao

  • Composer

Skilled guitarist, music arranger and producer, concert coordinator. Previously working as the executive producer for Eagle Music, he is currently the guitarist for Icy Ball, and has released an EP Daydream and album Share Your Love. Xie is often seen playing at live houses and music festivals around Taiwan.



2nd Meet the Ear Music Arrangement Special Award


9th ICRT Battle of the Bands Champion

Coffee Plaza Rock Music Award, third place

1st CASIO Pop Music Competition runner-up



31st NCCU Golden Melody Awards Best Music Arrangement

2nd H.O.T. Original Music Awards runner-up

15th NTU Bei Yun Music Awards, Student Songwriting category champion


Bii – HyperLIVE 2020: Bii Alive Concert, Come Back to Me (music arrangement)

Bii – Nothing At All (music arrangement, electric guitar)

R-chord – Sheperd Man (vocal recording, editing)

R-chord – Last Supper (guitar)

Limi – Yu Ji Xing Lian Ren, Mao Mao Yu version (music arrangement, acoustic guitar)

Dino Lee – Nice To Meet You (music arrangement, electric guitar)

Dino Lee – Goodbye, Anxiety (music arrangement, electric guitar)

Dino Lee – The End (acoustic guitar)

Alex Xiao – Yue Hen (guitar)

Li Yi Ling – Nian, Qing Qing Zi Jin original soundtrack (mixing, guitar)

Jin Wen Xin – Waiting, Qing Qing Zi Jin original soundtrack (mixing, guitar)

Mr. Pineapple – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know EP (producer)


2020 Nine Chen Tian Sheng Wan Jia Concert in Taipei (guitarist, programmer)


Limi Er Fen Zhi Yi Album Tour in Taipei and Taichung (guitarist)

Matilda Tao 1999 Concert in Malaysia (programmer)

Ricky Hu Shen Ye Zhi Bo Pai Dui Concert in Taipei (programmer)


Dino Lee Sing With Me Concert Tour in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung (programmer)

WINNI Xiang Dui Ni Shuo Birthday Concert (bandleader, music arrangement, guitarist, programmer)


Bii My Best Moment Taipei Arena Concert (music assistance)

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