Meng Jie Wen

  • Composer

Skilled keyboard player and drummer. He previously released the EP Daydream and album Share Your Love with Icy Ball as their keyboard player. Meng’s music styles include R&B, pop, rock, folk, jazz and orchestral music. In recent years, he has collaborated on many projects pertaining to music in video games, movies, animation, VR, digital art and theater.



Golden Horse Awards Best Animated Short Film nominee

Taipei Film Festival Best Animated Film Award nominee


Xiang He Dance Theater Competition Champion


9th ICRT Battle of the Bands Champion

1st CASIO Pop Music Competition runner-up


31st NCCU Golden Melody Awards Best Music Arrangement

2nd H.O.T. Original Music Awards runner-up

15th NTU Bei Yun Music Awards, Student Songwriting category champion


2020 Path of Wuxia video game soundtrack (cowrite and drums, percussion, bass)

2019 Hidden Zone Short Animation (soundtrack and sound effects)

2018 Mr. Pineapple – I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know EP (music arrangement, drums)

2017 Icy Ball – Share Your Love album (music arrangement, keyboard, cowrite)

2016 Icy Ball – Daydream EP (music arrangement, keyboard)

2015 Sandbox – The Vagabond EP (music arrangement, drums)

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