Wu Guan Nan

  • Composer

The current bass player of Icy Ball and Infancy. He is often found performing at Taiwanese music festivals and lives houses. Wu officially joined EGGO Music Production in 2020.


2016 Champion of Taoyuan Iron Rose Music Awards – Infancy


Coffee Plaza Rock Music Award, third place – Icy Ball

9th Battle of the Bands champion– Icy Ball

9th Annual Battle of the Bands Most Popular Award – Icy Ball

2015 The Next Big Thing Top 10 – Taipei Cases

15th NTU Bei Yun Music Awards, Student Songwriting category champion – Icy Ball

2nd H.O.T. Original Music Awards runner-up – Icy Ball

31st NCCU Golden Melody Best Music Arrangement – Icy Ball


Hohaiyan Rock Festival Ocean Star – Taipei Cases

First Annual CASIO Pop Music Competition runner-up – Icy Ball



2018  ㄅ – Infancy EP

2017  Share Your Love – Icy Ball album

2016  Daydream – Icy Ball EP


Infancy EP

Love and the Last Train – Taipei Cases

I’m Gonna Kiss My Lover – Taipei Cases

Mushroom – Taipei Cases

Whisbih Is Legal Drug – Taipei Cases

Love Song of Hainanese Chicken – Taipei Cases

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