• Arranger
  • Producer

He is currently working as the A&R for Ascents Media Entertainment. He has previously worked as a music producer at Forward Music and as an assistant manager of the artist development department. He produced R-chord’s single “Growing Up” and was nominated as Best Single Producer for the 23rd Golden Melody Awards. He has worked with artist A-fu, R-chord, Danson Tang, Bright Pu, Andy Lau, JPM, Daniel Chen, Elvis Tian, Smire Tsymann, Claire Kuo, Zony & Yony, Frances & Aiko, and has accompanied many artists on tours as their musician. He became the new blood of Eggo Music Production and Sound in 2018.




Ricky Hsiao – “Huo Gai Ji Mo”  (Arrangement)

Dawen Wang – “Sleeping Pill” (Arrangement)

Charlie Chou – “Guo jin qian fan” (Arrangement)

Jungle Voice 2 – “Weekends With You” (Arrangement)


Will Pan – Alpha World Tour 2019 (Band Leader)

Kris Wu – 2019 Alive Tour (Keyboardist)

Maggie Chiang – I Love Maggie Chiang 2019 (Band Leader)

Jolin Tsai – Ugly Beauty World Tour 2019 :”Dao dai” / “Light Years Away” / “Do You Still Love Me” (Arrangement)




No Lyrics (production / song / arrangement)

Slow, Slow Tune (production / song / arrangement)

I Kinda Like You (production / song / arrangement)

Me & U (production / song / arrangement)

If There Are Ifs (production / song / arrangement)

Stop At The Next Light (production / song / arrangement)

Deng Da Fu The Cat (production / song / arrangement)

Pig Head (production / song / arrangement)

Daughter’s Heart Like Water (production / song / arrangement)

Good Man (production / song / arrangement)

All Happy (production / song / arrangement)

Fantasy In Paradise (production / song / arrangement)

Thank You (production / song / arrangement)

Let Me Fall In Love With Me (production / song / arrangement)

Wish You’ll Look At Me (production / song / arrangement)

Black Sheep (production / arrangement)

Starry Sky Love song (production / arrangement)

Taking Off (production / song)

My Own Style (production)

Counting Sheep (production)

Formosa (arrangement)

How Are You? How’s the Weather? (arrangement)



Growing Up (production / arrangement)

Guo Lai Ren (production / arrangement)

Adventures of the Shepherd Boy  (production / arrangement)


Danson Tang

Grey Riverbank (production / arrangement)


Daniel Chen

ROCK’N ROLL IS DEAD (production / song / arrangement)


Elvis Tian

Could You (production)

Pinky Swear (production / arrangement)

Dreamer (production / arrangement)

One Shot (production / arrangement)

Summer (production / arrangement)

My Little Darling (production / arrangement)

Passer (production)

Our Valentine’s Day (production)


Claire Kuo

Brilliant Stars (production / song / arrangement)



Bright Pu

Sport’s Car Lover Dream (production / song / arrangement)

Not Afraid of Losing (production / song / arrangement)


Smire Tsymann

Love Me (production / song)


Zony & Yony

Zony & Yony (production / song / arrangement)

Party Time (production / song)

Thank You, Teacher (production / song / arrangement)

Happy ABC (production / song / arrangement)

Fly Fly Fly (production / song / arrangement)

Just Wanna Play (production / arrangement)

Heart Paradise (production / song)

Jungle Kingdom (production)

I Love Be Pe Mo (production / song / arrangement)

Eye Gyms (production)

Forest of Knowledge (production)


Frances & Aiko

Bling Bling New Years (production / song / arrangement)

Stand Up, Bow, Sit Down (production / song / arrangement)

LOVE (production / song / arrangement)


Josh Lu

Insomnia (production / song / arrangement)


Yi Lai Chen

The Mystery (production / song)


Andy Lau

Gift (song)



The Downhill of Love (song / arrangement)

Liked You For A Long Time (song / arrangement)

Beautiful Love (song)


Johan Yang

Acting (arrangement)

Post Brain Removal (arrangement)



Better Fly (arrangement)


Concert musician

Richie Jen “Biao” World Tour (keyboardist)

A-Fu Legacy & Hong Kong concert (keyboardist / band leader)

Magic Power Our Home World Tour (keyboardist)

Magic Power NTU Gym He Bai Qie concert (keyboardist)

Xiao Yu / Maggie Chiang Friends Live Show (keyboardist)

A-lin 2015-2016 New Year’s concert (keyboardist)

Jam Hsiao Hohaiyan Rock Festival performance (keyboardist)

Jolin Tsai Riverside Café concert (keyboardist)

Van Fan Taipei Arena concert (keyboardist)

Wilber Pan Alpha World Tour (keyboardist / band leader)

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