Bibo Li , a singer-songwriter born into the Generation of Tiredness. Skilled in weaving her inner emotions into songs of resignation and tug-of-war between self and society using words and guitar. She first made her mark in a TV talent show “Jugle Voice 2” with the self-composed, guitar-accompanied song “Confused,” earning high praise from the judges. In 2021, she released a new song ,”I Am What I Choose To Become,” delivering soothing melodies on the guitar that heal souls bruised by life’s upheavals, breaking 200,000 listens within a month and marking her as a highly anticipated newcomer in the music industry. After four years of deep exploration in music composition and electric guitar, she has accumulated a portfolio of flawless works. At the end of 2023, she officially debuted with her first single, ‘NPD’ marking the beginning. IIn March 2024, the debut personal album “Ward No.6” will be released, featuring elements of alternative rock, retro, electronic, and folk music, singing about various “illnesses” and “awareness of illness” issues caused by the contradictions and helplessness between oneself and the world.

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