David Hsiao

  • Composer
  • Lyricist

Chun-Yi Hsiao, known professionally as David Hsiao, has been able to immerse himself in diverse music styles owing to his mother, who worked as a radio broadcaster. After returning to Taiwan, hip hop and R&B grew on him and he completed his first rap lyrics when he was as young as 15. He gained recognition upon joining the hip hop label Underground Nation in 2014, attracting many die-hard fans from the younger generation. In 2018, he joined Eggo Music Production and Sound as a songwriter and lyricist.




Dylan Xiong – “Shi Liu Qun” (Lyrics/Song/Backing Vocals)

She’s My Type (lyrics / song)

Skyfall (lyrics / song)

Ge Ju (lyrics)


Real Skool (lyrics / song)

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