Lil Fu

  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Producer

Lil Fu is the newest blood joining in 2017 with a proficient understanding of Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, and EDM…etc.He is also currently working as an A&R assistant at Universal Music Taiwan.  


Rainie Yang – “Love Is Love” (Arrangement)

Show Lo – “No Love” (Arrangement)

J.Sheon – “Love Her Like That” (Arrangement)

J.Sheon – “All About You” (Arrangement)

ØZI – “Red Bull 64 Bars” (Production and Arrangement) 

Della- “Misunderstanding” (Arrangement)

Della- “Color Of The Sea” (Arrangement)

Dawen Wang- “The International Space Station” (Arrangement)

Bolly- “Lose your mind” (Production and Arrangement) 

Bolly- “Unhigh”(Production/Arrangement/Lyric/ Song) 

UNDER LOVER- “Nan zi han” Feat.Chris Pan / LilYoung (Arrangement) 

UNDER LOVER – “Shou jī zi”(Production and Arrangement) 

LilYoung- “GA MY GA” Feat.Ada (Production and Arrangement) 

LilYoung- “Bai bai nu hai” (Arrangement and Lyric) 

Chris Pan x CYCLE x LilYoung- “Jue bu di tou” (Arrangement) 

Chris Pan- “Show Me Love” Feat. Jelly、LUXY BOYZ   (Arrangement) 


JIGSAW MUSIC FESTIVAL_NaUr- “Here With You” Feat.LanaCat (Arrangement / Song  / Lyric / Producer)

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