Samuel Yu

  • Lyricist

He is currently a copywriter at a famous ad agency. He has created lyrics for celebrities such as Landy Wen, Lollipop F, Cyndi Wang, Da Mouth, SpeXial…etc. His works are bold and daring, making him a lyricist with a prominent and recognizable style.


Della– “Addiction”

Della– “Tai yang yu”

Reno Wang– “Ai lI mei you deng yu”

Dylan– “Zen me gao”

SpeXial – “Love’s Attachment”

Cyndi Wang Dare Not to Dare”

Han Geng – “Midnight”

Ryan Yu and Rosie Yang – “Why Not Love” (Co-writing)

Lollipop F – “What’s Wrong”

Pets Tseng – “Can’t Stop”

Vanness Wu feat. Junho (2 PM) – “Undefeated”

Boran Jing – “Where’s Our Love”

Jane Zhang – “Personal Look”

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