Starr Chen

Starr has consistently astounded music listeners and critics since producing and arranging two dance anthems, “Sister” by Jeannie Hsieh and “Play” by Jolin Tsai as well as collaborating with Show Luo on the song, “Let Go” and Soft Lipa on the song “Dang Dang Dang”. Anyone who knows Starr Chen, including mega stars and pop divas, has been mesmerized by his brilliant imagination and parodical playfulness. Starr Chen’s one-of-a-kind taste in music and sound stems from his passion for video games, animation, or anything that makes sounds in our daily lives. Through combining multilayered stories, cultural elements, different musical styles, and sound effects, with gory, violent, pornographic, and Chuunibyou subjects, Starr has developed a diverse and imaginative sound.

Record Label X Entertainment

Discography TBA, 2016 Welcome to The Next Level

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《Starr Chen》2016 WTTNL Album