CHEN NI obtained excellent results at the “Pretty Girls’ Generation” dance competition on Channel V with her innate musical rhythm and fearless stage presence, which astounded the then host and judges at age 13. At age 16, she was discovered by X Entertainment from her very first cameo appearance in the music video “ABC” by One Two Free. When she turned 18, she released her 1st EP “Shiny” and became the youngest artist of EMI Music. Her vibrant and cheerful personality was named by the record company as “The Twilight Girl.” The 20-year-old released her first album, “Getting Stronger” which describes a girl’s journey through the injury during her growth. Shiny started her acting career by taking the role “NiNi” in the TVBS TV series “The Age of Rebellion”. Because of the sweet appearance and pity of the character, the netizen nicknamed her as a “Honeyed girl”. And her first performance of the TV series got nominated for the Best Newcomer in a Television Series in 53rd Golden Bell Awards.

Record Label EMI

Discography Sep. 11, 2014  Shiny – 1st EP Jan. 20, 2017  Getting Stronger -Album Mar.16, 2018  Age Of Rebellion OST

TV Series 2018  Age Of Rebellion Awards Nominated for 53rd Golden Bell Awards, Best Newcomer in a Television Series  

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《Shiny》2017 Getting Stronger Album