One Two Free is a creative duo formed by Ada and Born. They managed to transform out-of-the-box imaginations into humorous and ludicrous music videos. In addition to music writing, they also partake in the production of their music videos, creating fluid coherence between their visual and audio productions.

Record Label Universal Music Taiwan

Discography Nov. 5, 2010  One Two Free Dec. 16, 2011  Soundtrack Mar. 15, 2013  Cross Too Over Oct. 16, 2015  Chao Kiang (New + Best Selections)

Awards and Nominations 2011/Taiwan: 5th Fresh music Award Best New Group 2011/Taiwan: Nominated for the 22nd Golden Melody Awards – Best Music Video (“Si Ding Le”) 2011/Taiwan: MTV Mandarin Awards – Top 10 Artists of the Year 2011/Taiwan: Nominated for the 23rd Golden Melody Awards – Best Singing Group (Soundtrack) 2013/Taiwan: Hito Radio Music Awards – Hito Potential Group 2013/Taiwan: Nominated for the 50th Golden Horse Awards – Best Original Film Song Award (Forever Love – “Da Dian Ying”)

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