Morrison Ma, was born in Autumn. He always has this charming look, along with his gentle and elegant atmosphere. He does not speak much, but often wears a shallow smile on his face. Behind his eyes, you can find blue and mystery. When Morrison was 4 years old, he discovered his piano talent by playing his Game Boy music on the piano out of nowhere. His mother saw his talent in music, then arranged piano and violin lessons for him. Since then, he developed his passion and creativity in music. In the age of 25, his agency heard his voice through a demo he sang for A-Mei named “March,” so then he was signed. In Morrison’s voice, there’s this rich texture and deep airy tone which carries his stories into the audience’s deepest mind. He’s unique use of falsetto also draws his picture of soulfulness and loneliness to the audience.

April.13, 2017  《Cloud Lover》- EP
December.30, 2016 《Welcome to the Next Level 》feat. Starr Chen – Night Fall
August.30, 2017 《Nothing Gold Can Stay》OST BGM – Broken Love
March.16, 2018  《The Age of Rebellion》OST ED – Missed Out
《The Age of Rebellion》OST BGM – Defeated by Time

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Morrison 馬仕釗 2018 EP