Denny Kang

  • A & R
  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Producer

He is the music director of Show City Times Entertainment Ltd. in Beijing. During Kang’s student years, he was the drummer and the keyboardist in a band with his friends, and that ignited his passion for music. Kang’s works can be found almost everywhere, from concerts of A-Mei and Jolin, to albums by Vanness Wu, A-Chord Hsieh, Gary Chaw, Han Geng, Jane Zhang, Show Luo, etc. His true essence shines through the most in the genres of Pop, R&B, and Ballads.


A-Mei Chang Arrangement: “Ling Hun Jin Tou” / “Right as Wrong” / “Faces of Paranoia” / “Heading Utopia”

Alien Huang
Composition and Arrangement: “Sugar Tiger”
Composition: “I’m Your Cat”
Arrangement: “Big Happiness”

Vanness Wu
Arrangement: “How Do You Know”

A-Chord Hsieh
Composition: “Qian Xin Wan Ku”

Gary Chaw
Arrangement: “Grandpa” / “Big Woman” /  “WhyWhy”

Show Luo
Arrangement: “If There Is Still an IF” / “Searching for You”

One Two Free
Arrangement: “To Be a Composer”

Da Mouth
Arrangement: “What the…”

Arrangement: “Softly”

Jeff Chang
Arrangement: “Jie Ding”

Bibi Zhou
Arrangement: “Under the Stars”

Genie Zhuo
Arrangement: “Addiction” / “Looking for, Love” / “Dirty”

Cindy Yen
Arrangement: “Hedgehog’s Embrace” / “Fight for Love”

Arrangement: “2501”

Esther Liu
Arrangement: “Fighting Girls”

Coco Lee:
Arrangement: “Side Effects of Love”

Rachel Liang
Arrangement: “Moonlight Carpet”

Elva Hsiao
Arrangement: “I’ve Had Enough”/ “Love Me, Love Me Not”

Han Geng
Arrangement: “The Best Listener (ft. Elva Hsiao)” / “Still at Your Side”

Jane Zhang
Arrangemenet: “Pure Love”

Nana Xu
Arrangement: “Xiang Yao Ai”

Angela An
Arrangement: “Wei Xiao Mian Ju”

Jing Chang
Arrangement: “I’m Not Crazy”

Yao Yao
Arrangement: “Love Resembles a Waltz”

Wilber Pan
Arrangement: “That Day”

Jolin Tsai
Arrangement: Myself World Tour

A-Mei Chang
Arrangement: Utopia Tour

Join Tsai
Arrangement: 2015 Play World Tour

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